George Gordon First Nation


Treaty Land Entitlement

TLE Coordinator

Board members are:

  • Leon McNab - Chairman
  • Derek Morris
  • Heather Montana
  • Eddie Bitternose Sr.
  • Vance McNab
  • Herman Blind
  • Ron (Tom) Pratt

The Treaty Land Entitlement Coordinator is Lynette Gordon.

George Gordon First Nation Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE)

Under the terms of Treaty 4 (1874) the Crown was obligated to complete a Census of Cree, Saulteaux, and other Indians.

Reserve land was to be set aside at the rate of one square mile per family of five (5). This equates to 128 acres per person.

Some people were absent when the census was done. This resulted in George Gordon First Nation not having the proper amount of Reserve land set aside. (Shortfall)

When TLE Settlement Agreements are reached, a formula calculates a pro-rated adjustment based upon current population. (Equity Acres).

George Gordon First Nation (GGFN) Shortfall Acres – 8,960 acres with minerals transferred to Reserve Status.

George Gordon First Nation Equity Acres – 115,712 acres.

George Gordon First Nation TLE Settlement amount - $26,716,416.42.

Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) Funds can be used to acquire land, costs associated with land acquisitions, and Band Development.

Land Acquisitions are guided by the George Gordon Treat Land Entitlement Settlement Agreement. Funds are held in the George Gordon TLE Trust with the Royal Trust Corporation of Canada who acts as the Trustee. An Investment Policy was created and is reviewed on an annual basis by the TLE Board.

A GGFN TLE Board operating policy guides the operations and decision making process of the TLE Board. A GGFN TLE Land Acquisition and Management Policy outlines the policy to which lands shall be identified, acquired, and managed by the George Gordon First Nation.

Land Acquisition

Currently 15,874 acres have been purchased in six Rural Municipalities throughout Saskatchewan. Land has a book value of $ 8.5 million.

TLE Acquisitions
INAC File No. Vendor Name Acres Titles Lease
391 -1 Lindeburgh 786.99 2010 Agriculture
391 - 2 Nordin 634.42 2011 Baling
391 - 3 Sich 159.22 2011 Agriculture
391 - 4 Haus 160.32 2012 Agriculture
391 - 5 Haus 160.32 2012 Agriculture
391 - 6 Sebesten 158.93 2012 Baling
391 - 7 Crown 639.76 2012 Grazing
391 - 8 Tuttos 161.2 2013 Grazing
391 - 9 Crown 160 2015 Agriculture
391 - 10 Sich 153.66 2014 Agriculture
391 - 11 Sich 130.13 2014 Agriculture
391 - 12 Krywy 1730.49 2014 Agriculture
391 - 13 Nagy 709.34 2014 Agriculture
391 - 14 Krywy (2) 159.53 2014 Agriculture
391 - 15 Krywy (3) 159.17 2014 Agriculture
391 - 16 Krywy (4) 159.49 2014 Agriculture
391 - 17 Paddockwood P 7722.75 2015 Grazing
391 - 18 Clearwater P 1915.52 2015 Grazing
391 - 19 Paddockwood P 29.45 2015 Grazing
Total   15,890.69    

To date, only the Whitewood parcel is eligible for shortfall. Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, all third party interests must be satisfied before land can be given Reserve status. IF the Province allows the Gordon First Nation to take over the mineral rights when the current permits held by Yancoal expire, the first four parcels acquired will then be also be eligible for shortfall.

The TLE Board is careful to perform all due diligence before making any purchase and relies on professional advice and research to reach a decision. Then the decision to purchase is submitted as a RECOMMENDATION to Chief and Council, who may or may not decide to proceed.

Each parcel selected for purchase has the potential to pay its own way immediately, under the management of the George Gordon TLE Holding Company.

TLE Holding Company Inc.

George Gordon TLE Holdings is the holding corporation to receive, hold, manage and transfer title to lands acquired by GGFN acting as a trustee on behalf of George Gordon First Nation. The holding corporation is responsible for acquiring and accepting title to Entitlement Land purchased by GGFN, entering into agreements regarding Entitlement Land, repair, maintenance and management of Entitlement Land. Furthermore, the holdings corporation is responsible for the fiscal management, including revenues and expenses, related to Entitlement Lands. The Band Council currently sits as Board of Directors. All entitlement land purchased has been leased.

Treaty Land Entitlement Challenges

Prior to achieving shortfall land must be purchased with minerals and valued per acre below an "upper limit". The province disposed of minerals in the potash belt which made it extremely difficult to transfer to reserve status land purchase.

TLE Board and previous as well as current Chief and Council have met with the mineral disposition holder to negotiate a replacement agreement.

George Gordon First Nation purchased a significant block of land in the RM of Paddockwood with unencumbered minerals in an effort to reach shortfall.

Recently Yancoal released mineral dispositions and will make for a quicker Additions to Reserve process.

May 2016 has seen approximately 320 acres turn to reserve status.