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Social Development

Basic Needs

This is a federal program which offers support to all individuals and families who have demonstrated they cannot meet minimum living requirements. All applicants are required to prove their eligibility based on information required through the Intake process. Basic Needs allowance covers food, shelter, clothing and personal requirements (exceptions). The onus is on the applicant to provide all documentation to become eligible for the program. All individuals are considered employable unless they qualify for exceptions. All individuals who can improve their current living conditions should take steps to seek education, training or employment. Social assistance should always be the last resort.

Assisted Living program has now been turned over to the first nations. We look after our membership who are living in institutional or group homes.

National Child Benefit Re-Investment (NCBR) Program

Pat MelbeufMy name is Pat Malbeuf I am the present NCBR Coordinator.

The programs we support are:

  • Childcare
  • Child nutrition
  • Adult Support for parents
  • Adult Home to Work Transitions
  • Culture Programs

For summer programming we sponsored:

  • Our Annual Powwow hosted July 1, 2, & 3, 2016
  • Culture Camp "Back to Our Roots" hosted August 15-19, 2016
  • Carlton Trail ABE Program Transportation
  • Elephant Thoughts Educational Outreach

Back to Our Roots Cultural Camp hosted in our community on August 15-19, 2016 was a complete success. In order to know "who we are", we need to learn "Our Identity" as first nation’s people. Many facilitators we utilized were from our community and surrounding area. Our kitchen staff always had a smile and laughter could be heard coming from their area of work. Meals were offered and consisted of breakfast, lunch and supper. Programming each day started with a Pipe Ceremony which our Chief Bryan McNab, Jason Morris and Donna Anderson-Blind attended then breakfast was served. Throughout the day many different teachings by facilitators lasted until lunch and then continued on until supper time. In the evenings we sat around the camp fire until approximately 9:00 pm and shared our personal stories and experiences. Three tipis were set up for campers who attended and as well as tipi teachings. Elders, seniors, families and people who attended the five-day camp felt relaxed, comfortable and were quite captivated with all teachings that were introduced and felt a connect they were missing in their lives. To mention some of the teachings offered FSC training, hunting, beading, quill work, cultural genealogy, self-awareness, horse teachings, medicine walks, archery, storytelling, survival skills, different ceremonies and the sweat lodge. To finish off the five-day camp a sweat and feast were held. For the next following 3 years a camp will follow until 4 camps have been completed within our community.

Back to Our Roots

I would like to thank and acknowledge our facilitators and helpers:

Bev Vinterlik
Kevin Asapace
Jaydan Pratt
Melissa Worme
Angus Cyre
Melissa Pratt
Rodger Ross
Marcia Bitternose
Sheri Severight
Austin Kay
Harvey Bitternose
Joyce Cyr
Grace Poorman
Romeo Bear
Stephanie Severight
Shirley Mcnab
Cory Blind
Bob Malbeuf
Nidhania Blind
Cheryl Gordon
Ginger Blind
Eddy Bitternose
Orrin Longman
Rick Williams

Summer students - Cameron Blind, Jeff Oochoo Jr. and Shayla Bitternose.
Minor Sports Coordinator John McNab for use of all the cooking supplies.
Dr. Andrew Miller (Associate Professor for Indigenous Studies) at FNUC.

In the "Fall" upcoming programming will be announced.
NCBR can be reached at 306.835.2636 ext: 431 Email:

"All funding is for community members only"

Roots Camp

Roots Camp

Roots Camp

Social Delivery Program

We are currently funded for 2.7 staffing position/s within this department and do employ 3 individuals. We also have a full time NCBR Coordinator who works within this department. We have the support of two full time clerks. The clerks deal with data program, log entries, billing and processing, etc. Our staff adhere to policy requirements/guideline requirements/legislation to ensure all information is correct. We all share in the filing, paperwork and reception duties. We have a full time income support manager who currently does all intake, handles reports/reporting and oversees management of our department.

Special Needs

This is a federal- funded program which covers item/s not included in the Basics Allowance. This program covers many different types of needs such as: maternity clothes medical clothes, accommodations, transportation for hospital, employment, legal or institutional appointments/visits. We also assist with employment, visiting children’s allowance, basic telephone service (medical form required), appliances, and furniture, etc. All requests require backup documentation which is receipts. Individuals are responsible to do their part.

Current Income Support Staff

Bev Vinterlik   Income Support Manager - Bev Vinterlik

Charity Bitternose   Income Support Data Clerk - Charity Bitternose

Angelisa Blind   Income Support Clerk - Angelisa Blind


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