George Gordon First Nation


Public Works

  • This department takes care of the operations and maintenance of all infrastructure on GGFN.
  • All infrastructure on GGFN include Community Buildings, sewer systems (Lagoons, infiltrators, jets etc.), garbage collection, roads, fire protection and lower pressure water distribution.
  • We at the public works department like to keep the reserve operating as smooth as possible at all times. We like to keep the grass cut, roads graded, all mechanical equipment operating, all machines maintained and working, garbage picked up, roads clear of snow, core area cut grass and clean.

Education Centre

  • GGEC is our biggest building. Its houses our elementary students from Pre k to grade 8. As an asset its becoming due for equipment upgrades such as boilers, pumps, monitoring instruments, exhaust fans, light fixtures, plumbing equipment, and playground equipment.
  • This building is near due for major renovations. We have 2 janitors, 1-yard maintenance man, 1 boiler & building maintenance and 1 security night watchman.
  • The GGEC gym often hosts a variety of different events throughout each year such as: AMG’s, Health fairs, feasts, Information workshops, funerals, treaty day, aboriginal day, Canada day, etc.

Water Treatment & Distribution

  • This department has 2 full time level 2 water and 1-part time Operators. Every single day they test the water to insure it’s safe for our Community Members to drink and use, they operate the plant 7 days a week. Our operators quite often, handle all of the water line breaks and break downs at the WTP.
  • The water plant serves all 266 house and 20 buildings with clean and safe drinking water for all people to use for their everyday living.
  • At times during the summer our plant experiences water shortages due to the amounts being used by our homes. In the near future we will be looking into a expansion to accommodate our people’s needs as well as accommodate future new housing projects.

Sanitation Solid & Liquid Waste

  • In this department we haul all garbage from 266 houses, 20 buildings. Garbage is picked up once a week, generally we like to stay on the same schedule and route week after week, so our tenants get familiar to his schedule and have garbage ready and waiting to be picked up. Due to Health and safety only bagged non ripped will be taken from garbage box.
  • As for liquid waste (sewer) each house on reserve runs on sewer systems like lagoons, infiltrators or jets. There is a number of homes on the reserve that have holding tanks and require to be sucked out with the sewer truck. We have 2 sewer trucks on reserve in case one breaks down. Every sewer system has a sewer pump which require replacements when they give out. When this piece of equipment stops working, there is a chance for sewer to back up.
  • It’s a good practice to periodically open the lid to ensure one side of the septic tank is empty. All community buildings in the core area are hooked up to the main sewer line and pumped to the lagoons east of the Arena.
  • Public Works employs 2 Sewer Maintenance Men and 1 Garbage Hauler.

Community Buildings

  • We have 20 building that require operations and maintenance. Some of these buildings are: Band office, Arena, Water Plant, new and Old school, Daycare, machine shop etc.
  • For the most part, all the buildings are occupied from various programs that are administered on GGFN. Like stated earlier our gyms host a number of different events.
  • We employee 2 janitors to clean all Community Buildings.

Fire Protection

  • Our equipment needs to update this program, fire trucks, fire hall, firefighting equipment and training is needed on a volunteer basis.
  • Spring season is usually our busiest season with grass fires, at times like this we seek volunteers to help with firefighting as we would like to prevent the loss of any homes or buildings, at this time we have one gentleman that will respond to fires and grass fires. Call (306) 835-7303 if you see smoke.


  • Our roads are one of the biggest assets on reserve. It has hit a time in its life cycle where it needs to be clay capped. Gravel is a must once or twice a year in order to provide our members with a decent driving surface.
  • In this program we have a number of different heavy machinery. Grader, back hoe, track hoe, dozer, tractor ditch mower, semi, and the dump truck are some of the equipment we use to maintain our roads condition. We will be working on a major capital application to improve our roads.
  • We have 1 full time employee with casual helpers when needed.

Band Base Capital

  • Public works administers this program. We receive an amount of funding to complete projects such as purchasing gravel, playground equipment, upgrading furnaces etc. With this program we like to upgrade equipment with newer equipment.

Public works Coordinator: Jared Lonethunder


George Gordon Public Works
Box 248
Punnichy SK
S0A 3C0
Phone: (306) 835-2513
Fax: (306) 835-2111