George Gordon First Nation



February 15, 2013

To: George Gordon First Nation Members and Students

From: Corey Blind and Nathan Bitternose - Portfolio Councilors for Post-Secondary Education

Re: George Gordon First Nation Council re-establishes the authority and administration of the Post-Secondary Student Support Program

In keeping with the community's vision statement, "Together we build our future on the values, knowledge and potential of all our people by encouraging a balanced approach to life-long learning," and under the authority of the Chief and Council, the George Gordon First Nation Post-Secondary Program Inc. has been established to administer the Post-Secondary Student Support Program effective April 1, 2013. This will in effect remove the Touchwood Post-Secondary Program Inc. as the current administrator. Our goal is to continue to ensure that eligible members receive financial support for post-secondary education and that such action will uphold Council's commitment to enhancing the quality of life of our members and the economic growth of our community.


Best regards,

Councilor Corey Blind
Councilor Nathan Bitternose

Tuition Support

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Travel Support

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Living Expenses

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