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Minor Sports

Minor Sports

The minor sports program offers activities for our youth with both on and off reserve members welcome to attend.

July 25th – 29th We held our annual Family Camp at Kinookimaw Beach with 250-300 band members joining us for the week. This was made possible with funding from CDC, BHP, NCBR and the Wellness Center. A big shout out goes to the many members that made this event a huge success and to Chief & Council for coming out and supporting this event.

During the summer holidays we also hosted three track and field clinics for TATC on Gordons. Our T-Ball and soccer teams finished their season with a tournament in Muskowekwan, we didn’t win but the kids had fun and we look forward to doing this again next year.

This year the First Nation Cup was held in Alberta we had Keighton Mcnab and Titus Bitternose representing GGFN in the youth category placing a very respectable 2nd, Congratulations to both these fine young gentlemen. These boys also played in the Junior Maple Leaf tour along with Jason Bitternose.

Shawn Longman and Julian Geddes also representing Gordons and Prairie Central at the Saskatchewan summer games, these games are for all members of Saskatchewan not only First Nation athletes so congratulations to these two young men.

Luvena Stocken played in the National Hand Ball Championships that were held in Regina the month of July. However, her team didn’t do too good but it was a good experience to play against the best teams in Canada.

GGFN entered three teams in the FSIN Youth Softball Championships hosted in Ochapawace on August 12-14, 2016.

  • Our 12 and under girls consisting of Kiara and Rosetta Cyr, Raven Bitternose, Inez Blind, Falin, Karly, Nitannis, Paige and Terri Mcnab, Koda Morris and Jurnee Roszell coming out as the 2016 FSIN Champions, and the coaches were Tiffany Cyr, Arlene Morris and Jerri-Lee Roszell.
  • Our 16 and under girls were Sara Sinclair, Leanne Pratt, Summer Longman, Veronica Longman, Nidhania Blind, Chavonne Blind-Dumont, Angel Morin, Madison Morris, Torrence Mcnab also came home with the FSIN Championship, coaches were Greg Brateshesky, Irma Anderson and Ginger Blind.
  • Our 16 and under boys were Tiernan and Teagan Roszell, Julian Geddes, Joe Bear, Dylan, Darius, Keenan and Tyson Mcnab, Jason Bitternose, Riel Geddes, Cameron Blind, Rodney Cardinal, and Monte Blind. The boys didn’t do as well but went and represented GGFN and were coached by Faith Mcnab, Trever Roszell and Jason Bitternose. Good Job Boys! Also a big Thanks to all the Coaches!

Juleah Deusing Bird broke a 30-year-old and field record in Regina as well.

Our next big event we will be taking teams to the FSIN Youth Volleyball Championships in Prince Albert, November 4th-6th 2016. We have three coaches interested so far and I would like to fill all six teams, under 14, under 16 and under 18 boys and girls. Right now I am now looking for certified coaches, we just need someone to come out and help teach the kids to play. We will be looking for coaching clinics if you are interested.

NAIG try outs for the 2017 games in Toronto next July are taking place throughout the province.

A committee was struck last month to host a Golf Tournament to assist minor sports with some much needed fundraising, the tournament will be in Regina at the Murray Golf Course on September 9th 2016, we are in need of volunteers to help out this day so if you’re interested please get in contact with me ASAP.

Sorry I have no pictures at this time but I will have some in the near future. I also have no employees that work with me and if you feel you have something to offer our youth please feel free to come out and help.

Thank you,

John Mcnab

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