George Gordon First Nation


Land Management

Lawrence K. McNab.

Born and raised on the George Gordon First Nation, I am now the lands manager for the band and I am currently working on getting up to speed on all that has happened in the lands department. It is both interesting and exciting so far, we have so much potential, I am very grateful to be in this position to work for the betterment of my First Nation. The lands manager training is to be starting this winter and I’m looking forward to that. That being said there is quite a number of issues to deal with first and foremost the perimeter fencing is almost 50 years old and needs to be replaced. Most cattle operations do these types of upkeep on a yearly basis, fixing a mile of fence every year or reseeding pastures. Good fence makes for good neighbors they say. Another project in the works is a new corral with squeeze chute and loading ramp to be erected in the pasture just north of Eddy’s house.

As fall is upon us and so is hunting season, we see an increase in traffic in and around the bush and pastures. So hunters … "CLOSE THE DAMN GATES!!!"


Lawrence McNab
Lands Manager

FN Land Management Act


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