George Gordon First Nation




George Gordon Housing Department is a CMHC and INAC funded department, with 116 CHMC houses and approximately 145 INAC houses with a total of 261 houses. Both Type of houses have their own accounts and monies. The band started out with only INAC houses which were built out of INAC monies but in 1995 CHMC Section 95 housing was offered to the first nations, as a means to take the onus off INAC and put on a crown corporation CMHC, the INAC Budget has not increased since 1976, (40 years this year). Since that time, we have had 16 phases, (1 phase per an allotment of houses) which equals the 116 houses. As of this year we have had phase 1 and 3 maturing to INAC houses, this means the mortgages that started are finished and the band had its first newer INAC house in 40 years. Next year Phase 2 and 4 will mature, now we will be doing work on these homes before they mature to INAC homes, using the CMHC monies that have been collected over the past 20 years of subsidies and rent.

The housing department is responsible for maintaining both type of homes, the INAC monies comes on a monthly basis and need to be budgeted, in order to not put too much finance onus on the band operations. The CMHC is program is wiped to zero every fiscal year and needs subsidies and rent to replenish the maintenance and Operation accounts. The CMHC program has 3 accounts which are split up for different needs, each monies can only be used in a certain way.

This year we will be doing the phases 1,3 and 2, phase 4 will started next fiscal year. All new contracts WILL BE TENDERED, so please if you are a band member contractor looking for work, come to the housing office and see current contracts and place a bid.

The INAC budget will be doing emergency work as usual, at this time, due to the size of the yearly budget. INAC yearly monies is approximately $424,966.00 per year and within this budget we have to maintain and upgrade homes as well as staff wages, the INAC comes in a monthly allocation which means we can only spend as fast the monies come in, work will have to be spread over the full year.

The Housing Department Staff:

Tyson Pratt - Housing Manager
Tammy Pelletier
Tony Blind
Lloyd McNab
Ryan Hunter

These our students that we hired threw a youth program threw CMHC.

Kristen Mcnab-Machisinic
Melissa Fisher
Bryan McNab Jr. (Gobby)

The housing department has a Housing Authority now, which was put in place to take lots of the onus off the council and try to keep decisions in a fair manner, the Authority is an unpaid voluntary positions, as to make sure it is full of people that truly care about our community and will try to take our department into the future.

The Housing Authority consists of;

Edward Bitternose, Chairman
Pam McNab, Sectary
Joseph McNab
Dayle Hunter
Howie Anderson
Wilbe Bitternose
Marcia Bitternose
Councilor Angie McNab

Please if you have any maintenance that needs fixing contact the housing office at 306-835-2513, this will help us maintain our homes on this beautiful first nation. When it comes to our homes I as Housing Manager feel a sense of pride, compared to other first nations, we the people are taking relatively good care of our homes, no boarded up homes, most of us live in good conditions, so feel good about your reserve and yourselves for taking such good care of your homes.


George Gordon Housing
Box 248
Punnichy SK
S0A 3C0
Phone: (306) 835-2513
Fax: (306) 835-2111