George Gordon First Nation




George Gordon Health Clinic provides numerous programming throughout the building such as Homecare, Medical Transportation, Medical van transportation to and from the city for doctor’s appointments, Children’s Oral Health Initiative, Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative, Canadian Pre-Natal Programs, and Child Health Clinics.

The George Gordon Health is here to assist is Health needs and information such as:

Medical Transportation - To provide rides to and from Regina for Doctor appointments.

Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI) - We have a dietician that comes into the clinic on every Wednesdays and Thursdays and provides information on diabetes, diets and also, has a Diabetes Support Group every month.

Community Health Nurse - Colleen and Megan are here for immunizations and new baby check ups she works with Pre-Natal/Post-Natal programming. She has CPNP every second Thursday of the month and Child Health Clinics are every Tuesdays.

Community Health Reps - Alice and Cathy work hand in hand with the Community Health Nurses assisting with Immunizations and CPNP programs they also, provide health information and Advice.

Home Care - in Homecare there is one RN, two LPN’s, and three Home Health Aids. that assist with health needs blood pressure checks, blood glucose checks and doctor discharge follow ups. If you have any questions that need to be answered you can always call the home care nurses at the health clinic.

George Gordon Health Clinic hours of operations

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Monday - Friday

Closed on Holidays


Portfolio Holder - Donna Anderson-Blind

Core Health Manager - Connie Gordon

Ashley Manitopyes - Clerical Support Worker

Glenda McNab - Med trans Coordinator

Colleen Prisciak - Community Health Nurse

Megan Kaytor - Community Health Nurse

Kimberlee Day - Home Care RN

Tiffany Cyr - Home Care LPN

Kerry Worme - Home Care LPN

Linda Pruden - Home Health Aid

Verna Oochoo - Home Health Aid

Rose Hunter - Home Health Aid

Henry Geddes - Med van Driver

Mary Anderson - Custodian

Kenneth Anderson - Maintenance/ Driver