George Gordon First Nation



Director of Operations

The George Gordon First Nation Administration is overseen by a Director of Operations who reports directly to the Chief and Council. The Director of Operations assumes full responsibility for planning, administering, directing, overseeing, and evaluating all activities and operations of all Departments throughout the George Gordon First Nation and performs all other duties that may be assigned to them by the Chief & Council.

The Director of Operations works with the Chief Financial Officer to develop and administer the budget of the George Gordon First Nation.

The current director of Operations is Heather Montana.


Chief Financial Officer

The financial affairs of the George Gordon First Nation are managed by the Chief Financial Officer who provides overall direction and guidance to the George Gordon First Nation and associated companies regarding financial management and management functions. The CFO consults with the Director of Operations, Directors and Program managers to develop the budget needs for each fiscal year.

The Chief Financial Officer is expected to assist in effective planning that will ensure sound financial management and open accountability and transparency to the membership of the George Gordon First Nation.

The Financial Management Regulations of the George Gordon First Nation was ratified by the Chief and Council on December 12th, 2008. This policy document provides a full list of definitions used by the GGFN Administration. It outlines and regulates the following:

  • Signing Authorities
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Contracts & Tenders
  • Chief, Council, Staff Compensation
  • Travel expenses
  • Honoraria
  • Tax Exemption
  • Severance Pay, Bonus and Service Recognition
  • Advances
  • Funeral Expense
  • Budgeting Process
  • Motions and Minutes
  • First Nation Corporations

The Financial Procedures Manual of the George Gordon First Nation was ratified by the Chief and Council on June 18th, 2012. This manual outlines the processes and procedures relating to the day to day financial management of the bands received revenues, including:

  • Processing of Cheque Requisitions
  • Processing of Vendor Invoices
  • Processing of Band Employee Pay
  • Distribution of General Ledgers
  • Frequency of Activity and Expenditure Reports from Program Managers
  • Internal Transfer Requisitions
  • Frequency of Program Managers Meetings
  • Limitations on Unbudgeted Purchases
  • Year End Procedures

The current Chief Financial Officer is Heather Montana.

Finance Administration Bylaw

The purpose of this by law is to provide a framework for the fiscal and financial operations of the George Gordon First Nation and its operating entities. The Finance Administration By Law applies to the Band Council, all employees, committee members, contracted personnel, all programs and departments, operating entities of the George Gordon First Nation.
The By law covers conflict of interest, fiscal year, budget procedures, duties and responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer, banking, expenditures, chequeing procedures, invoicing, tendering process, contracts, funding agreements, inventories and sale of band assets, insurance, borrowing procedures, band Council compensation, accounting system, audit, reporting to membership, travel expense, enforcement, etc.
Any program manager, employee, who violates the by law may be subject to disciplinary action or possible termination. Any committee members who violates the provision may be removed from the committee and any contractual personnel may have their contracts terminated. In the case of the Band Council, he or she may be suspended from the Band Council with or without pay or removal from all or part of any portfolios or other legal authorizations as determined by the Band Council. When the Finance Administration By law is approved, it can be enforced by the RCMP and any court in Canada.
The George Gordon First Nation desires to create a strong fiscal and financial operation and management framework to ensure success in its business and economic development activities
. Pauline Anderson is the Chief Financial Officer and works with the Portfolio Councillor, Treasury, and program managers to ensure proper financial management and reporting.